BUMABM310 Brand Management

3 semester credits. Brand management is a fundamental element of competitive strategy. This course is intended for those interested in learning how brands are managed as some of the most valuable assets by companies. Students will discover how brand names are associated with their products and services. Strong brands can influence purchase decisions by communicating the value of and providing differentiation for products and services. Effective brand management is critical to maintaining the long-term profitability of products and services. This course is therefore designed to develop an understanding of the importance of brand equity as well as how to build, measure, and manage a brand. Topics will include understanding brands from the customersí perspective; building, measuring, and leveraging brand equity; and managing brand portfolios over time. Prerequisites: Introduction to Management or equivalent.

BUMAEF280 Sport Event and Facility Management

3 semester credits. This course provides the opportunity to understand and appreciate the facility operations and event management in the sport industry. Course topics will focus on various aspects of business, legal, and operational practices in the sports field. The class will feature lecture hours as well as real-life practice through the development of both facility management and sports events projects. Students will be engaged within the community and will be able to learn-by-doing, applying business theories and frameworks to the projects development. Coursework will enhance the students' perspective and awareness of business issues from both a technical and a cultural point of view.

BUMAEM630 E-Commerce Management

3 semester credits. This course provides an overview of e-commerce management principles from a business perspective. Topics include the functions of an e-commerce activity, its impact on and role in the business model, primary operations such as payments and shipping, and storytelling and brand value through an online platform. Students will examine and analyze virtual visual merchandising, e-mail marketing, and other relevant strategies used to optimize online sales. The course also includes an overview of digital/social customer management and engagement. Students will gain knowledge of the value of traffic and a thorough understanding of digital performance measurement through Analytics and SEO/SEM optimization. Prerequisites: Successful completion of an undergraduate degree is required for this course.

BUMAGB615 Managing in the Global Business Environment

3 semester credits. This course presents an examination of the multitude of forces and factors that influence organizations engaged in business on a global scale. Close attention will be paid to methods of managing global organizations as they adapt to cultural, regulatory, market, and economic differences while seeking to accomplish organizational objectives. Important management issues specific to international business will be discussed to prepare students to improve their management capability. Prerequisites: Successful completion of an undergraduate degree is required for this course.

BUMAHR350 Human Resource Management

3 semester credits. The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of human resources management, with particular emphasis on human resource planning and strategy, personnel selection, equal employment opportunity, training, performance appraisal, compensation, and other current issues. The course has been developed for individuals whose job requires managing employees in a global environment according to HR standards and practices. Topics covered include human resource planning, job analysis, recruitment, personnel selection, performance, employee turnover, the importance of HR in an industry like the hospitality sector, ethics and practices within personnel, legal issues, and how diversity impacts the workforce. Please note that this course is open to students of Junior Standing.

BUMAHR630 International Human Resource Management

3 semester credits. This course examines human resources management in a global context. Course topics provide students with a broad understanding of the strategies adopted by multinational organizations (MNCs or MNEs) that manage their employees across different countries and cultures. Key concepts, theories and contemporary practices are introduced and analyzed throughout the module. An important highlight is the impact that HR management decisions may have on an organizationís success at the international level. Students will gain an understanding of how to systematically illustrate, define, categorize, and analyze a broad and advanced-level range of issues related to human resources management operations in a global economy. Prerequisites: Successful completion of an undergraduate degree is required for this course.

BUMAIB620 International Brand Management and Strategies

3 semester credits. This course offers an overview of theories and business practices related to building and managing brand identity at the international level. Starting from the legal connotations of a brand, key course components include the design and implementation of international branding and marketing programs through communication strategies and brand associations in order to build brand equity. Topics also explore new strategies aimed at extending or revitalizing existing brands to retain brand loyalty and consumer engagement, as well as to build an international community around the brand concept. A specific focus will also be dedicated to the panorama of the industrial and intellectual property rights (IPRs) for the management, economic exploitation, and protection of international brands. Through case studies, research, and active projects, students will fully experience and acquire a deeper understanding of the challenges and processes in globalizing a brand. Prerequisites: Successful completion of an undergraduate degree is required for this course.

BUMANP325 New Product Development and Management

3 semester credits. The course provides the tools and strategies required for the development and marketing of new products. Topics include conducting market researches for product launches, practices for differentiating specific products from the competition, incorporating innovative processes for cutting-edge results, capturing a market position for new products, marketing plans, forecasting sales and customer satisfaction, and delivering new products to the market.

BUMAOB470 Organizational Behavior

3 semester credits. The aim of this course is to provide an overview of main theoretical concepts of organizational behavior (OB) and their application in professional organizations. The course covers various topics in OB, which are generally grouped into the individual, group, and organizational levels of analysis. The course balances conceptual knowledge with practical application. Lectures will provide a broad overview of the course topic and explain key concepts to be used in understanding phenomena occurring in the business world. Relevant case studies will be discussed in class in order to develop studentsí skills in applying knowledge to practical situations. Prerequisites: Human Resources Management or equivalent.

BUMASM300 Sales Management

3 semester credits. This course focuses on the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of sales execution. Topics range from developing a market strategy to choosing a sales methodology, establishing a successful sales culture, developing and implementing a talent management system, offering rewards to support the sales force, and evaluating success via the metrics system. The course engages students in the current issues of sales management. Students examine case studies of leading sales organizations and develop their own sales execution plan in teams throughout the term.