Master of Arts in Health and Wellness Studies


- Acquire a strategic understanding and knowledge of best practices in the wellness industry with the aim of improving human lifestyle and wellbeing.
- Develop balanced nutrition plans from an Italian and Mediterranean perspective.
- Develop integrated mind-body programs that address physical and cognitive health issues in contemporary society.
- Analyze and identify effective programming and operations for managing wellness centers and organizations.
- Identify and anticipate needs in client engagement practices and strategy development.


Common Core
  • LAIERM560 Research Methodologies for International Educators
  • LAPYEL550 Ethics, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship

Concentration Courses ( 9 credits )

  • FWDNDS520 Dietetics and Nutrition in the Mediterranean
  • FWCAIG540 Italian Gastronomy: Food and Culture
  • HPSMWM620 Health and Wellness Management

Electives ( 12 credits )

  • HPHTCL650 Customer Loyalty and Engagement
  • SHSSWS630 Integrated Wellness Strategies: Mind-Body Awareness
  • 2 courses from:
    DIDMDC610 Digital Communication Strategies
    BUMAGB615 Managing in the Global Business Environment
    BUMAHR630 International Human Resource Management

Capston Project ( 3 credits )

Total credits: 30