Master of Arts in Fashion Retail, Merchandising, and Media


- Integrate research theory and industry practices to examine fashion business operations in retail and management.
- Develop effective communication strategies for the global fashion industry.
- Deepen expertise in local and international fashion contexts for product development, branding, and commerce with a focus area dedicated to the role of Italy and Europe.
- Gain a thorough understanding of the relationship between branding strategy and retail and merchandising processes.
- Apply ethical leadership approaches to developing innovative and sustainable solutions to the evolving nature of the fashion industry.


Common Core ( 6 credits )

  • LAIERM560 Research Methodologies for International Educators
  • LAPYEL550 Ethics, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship

Concentration Courses ( 9 credits )

  • FTFMMR610 Advanced Merchandising and Retail Strategies
  • BUMAIB620 International Brand Management and Strategies
  • DIDMDC610 Digital Communication Strategies

Electives ( 12 credits )

  • BUMAEM630 E-Commerce Management
  • BUMKMR630 Marketing Research for New Product Development
  • 2 courses from:
    BUMAHR630 International Human Resource Management
    HPHTCL650 Customer Loyalty and Engagement
    BUMAGB615 Managing in the Global Business Environment

Capstone Project ( 3 credits )

Total credits: 30