Mission, Transparency, Facilities

AUF’s mission aims to offer a unique educational model for international students. Through this model, AUF allows students to integrate, benefit, and learn from their academic experience by applying knowledge and competence simultaneously.  Knowledge and competence are taught at the same time through educational strategies and several teaching methodologies that are based on the experience, integration, and engagement with the local community.
The model is formally copyrighted in Italy and guides the institution's academic and student life operations through two fundamental pillars - the below institutional mission statement that informs all elements of the model, and assessment practices that review and evaluate model outcomes for evidence-based improvement.

MISSION: Enriching Students through Cultural Integration, Community Engagement, and Experiential Learning

AUF was founded to:

Promote and renew creative disciplines in a city renowned for its history-changing innovations.
Offer challenging academic programs that shape inquisitive minds capable of:

  • Approaching academic disciplines with the mindset to deeply understand the principles of the past and how they are present in today's context.

  • Transforming learning, knowledge and cultural experiences into instruments that shape tomorrow's future.

  • Contributing to the local culture with the findings, research, and creations developed over the course of study.

Provide excellent professional and academic facilities at each campus, which not only offer learning spaces but also enhance and inspire learning potential.
Go beyond classroom learning by promoting student interaction with the convergence of the multicultural societies and creative presences in the city of Florence. This is accomplished through the presence of Palazzi Community Engagement Member Institutions (CEMI) whose facilities and services are open to the public.

VISION: American-style, community-oriented education in Florence that transcends disciplines and cultural traditions.
AUF is a multidisciplinary institution that seeks to offer dynamic possibilities of study through a rich selection of academic institutions and departments.
AUF unites communities, nationalities, compelling projects, and studies capable of shaping the cultural landscape of Florence.
AUF encourages students to be challenged by both classroom and service learning for civic engagement, and to challenge the weight of Florence's glorious heritage in order to contribute to its future with a fresh mind and open eyes.
AUF strives to provide its students with an experience that goes beyond the Renaissance façade of Florence by communicating to them that who we are and what they experience go beyond cultural stereotypes. AUF believes that through critical analysis and evaluation of own cultural norms and values in relation to those held by others, AUF program graduates will develop a profound cross-cultural, global perspective.

A rich, stimulating course offering taught by an international faculty, spanning all areas of the institutions grouped under AUF and their specific departments and courses.
An academic structure based on lectures, workshops, seminars, and laboratories that promote student learning and creation.
Quality, state of the art facilities located in historic palaces throughout the Florence city center.
Opportunities for student exposure and interaction with the local culture through civic engagement and service learning on both academic and extracurricular levels and cultural integration projects including the on-going involvement available through Palazzi CEMI.

AUF is committed to transparency regarding all internal and external individuals, constituencies, and communities that the institution engages with in the delivery of its mission and academic programs. Fair processes are applied to the students, faculty, and staff of the institutional, in compliance with the legal parameters of Italian legislation. The institution carefully examines all processes, planning, research, development, to ensure that conflicts of interest do not ensue in campus operations and/or communication.

Students may access all information and policy related to their program of study in the following resources:

  • The MyAUF portal for the general student contract and GDPR regulations, personal profile and course registrations, library catalog, and the academic platform for course sites. 

  • The Academic Catalog for summary of program curriculum; academic, honesty, and conduct policy; and information on grievances and petitions.

  • The SLD Student Manual for student services, health and safety, and engagement opportunities during the course of study at AUF.

  • Housing and housing policy information as provided by the SLD department

Faculty members, in addition to the policies listed in the Academic Catalog, may access the Faculty Guidelines for Best Practices regarding matters of teaching, learning delivery, appointments, grievances, and faculty-geared opportunities at AUF. Faculty and staff may also consult the HR Manual for matters pertaining to fair employment practices and contractual matters as per the regulations of Italian labor legislation. 

AUF, its related schools, and the CEMI (Community Engagement Member Institutions) are located in important historic palaces throughout Florence's city center. AUF is committed to offering the latest technologies and resources to its community of students and faculty. Audio-visual equipment is available at all campus locations; all classrooms are equipped with whiteboards. Wifi connections are available throughout all facilities.

AUF campus locations include:

Ex-Teatro San Gallo - Via San Gallo 45r
Palazzo Bombicci Pontelli Guicciardini Strozzi - Corso dei Tintori 21
Palazzo della Giostra - Borgo Pinti 20r
Palazzo dell'Ospitalità - Via Ricasoli 21
Quartiere Sant'Ambrogio - Via dei Macci 85r
Palazzo delle Arti - Via Guelfa 85