J School


The School of Journalism, Communication, and Publishing (CP) offers studies in the following departments:

Convergence Media and Broadcasting (BC)
Creative Advertising (CR)
Food Communications and Publishing (FC)

Journalism (JL)
Mass Communication (MC)
Publishing (PU)


  • J SCHOOL sustains the role of communication both locally and globally in today's connected world.

  • J SCHOOL seeks to explore the various forms and impact of information diffusion with the fresh perspectives of its students.

  • J SCHOOL and its academic disciplines contribute to the institutional mission of cultural integration by bridging international students with the contemporary aspects of Italy.

  • J SCHOOL shapes the critical, discerning approach of students who dig beyond the Renaissance facade of Florence to uncover stories and issues that are the antithesis of stereotypes.

  • In a city where craftsmanship plays a crucial role, J SCHOOL challenges and refines the craft of thought, elaboration, and expression to shape the voices of the future.


  • To provide the communicative tools to uncover the surface of cultures, societies, and urban movement within Italian landscapes through its department of Journalism.

  • To offer an interdisciplinary approach to education through interactive cooperation with other areas of academic disciplines and departments.

  • To face the ethics and evolution of communication in the spheres of human interaction and digitalization through its department of Communication. 

  • To sustain and develop creative expressions and interpretations in both printed and electronic form through its department of Publishing.

  • To promote student integration within the professional sphere of Florence.

  • The central position in the city center offers immediate, transversal access to the rich stratification uniting the past, present, and future coexisting within the city. Florence's position as one of Italy's principal cities is home to important publishing houses, regional headquarters of national newspapers, and communication agencies.

  • An active, dynamic presence of the professional realities related to the schoolís academic disciplines create a stimulating study environment for our students.


  • An international faculty with solid academic and industry backgrounds.

  • A stimulating and forward-thinking academic curriculum that integrates publishing projects drawn both from the institution's dynamic environment and the local community.

  • A campus press that sustains publishing activities of students and faculty.

  • Officially licensed periodicals in the form of newsletters and magazines that represent the voices of the student and faculty communities.

  • Collaboration with local journalism and citywide projects of communication.J SCHOOL IN THE COMMUNITY - CEMI

  • The School works closely with the university press, Ingorda per Florence Campus Editore, which produces textbooks, periodicals, and publications specialized in travel, art, and gastronomy. Students and faculty are regularly involved in the development and production of professional products of journalism and publishing.


  • 1 or 2-year Certificate Career programs / 2-year Associate's Degree

  • 4-year Bachelorís Degree in Digital Publishing and Communication

  • US Bachelor's degree transfer options

  • 1-year Master's Degree in Visual Media

  • Study abroad programs, short and long-term

Degree curricula requirements can be viewed below.
Direct transfer from AA to BA programs available.
The admissions area of the institutional website provides further details on application requirements.

UndergraduateAA Communication and Interactive Digital MediaPublishing
UndergraduateBA Degree in Digital Publishing and CommunicationE-Publishing
GraduateMaster of Arts in Visual Media